23 Christmas Light Nails Ideas for the Cutest Holiday Manicure

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There is something magical about the twinkle of Christmas lights – the warmth of the light, the colors, we just can’t help to be drawn to them. Now, imagine you can recreate the same magic on your nails!

We have put together this curated selection of some of the prettiest ideas for Christmas light nails, to show you how you can transform even the most simple manicure with a little bit of Christmas magic.

How can you achieve the look?

How to Create Christmas Light Nails

There are a few ways and trends for achieving the look – to select the right one for you, you need to consider the shape and length of your nails, and whether you want to attempt this manicure at home or you’re visiting a nail salon.

Here are some common styles and themes you can try:

  • Using Rhinestones – if you don’t want to hand paint the light bulbs, you can use rhinestones in their place. The added benefit is of course the extra shine and bling you achieve this way. You will need to find them in a variety of colors and small enough that they fit on your nails easily.
  • Hand-painted lights – this is by far the most common method of creating the look, but it’s not suitable for beginners and needs the assistance of a skilled nail artist
  • Using neon nail polish – this type of nail polish will ensure that your lights will stay vibrant in any light. You can also use a glow in dark nail polish which will ensure that your nails will come to life even in the dark
  • Base color variety – we’ve seen this design most often used with beige or natural base color, but it looks superb also with light pink or plain white
  • Mismatched look – this Christmas manicure is often matched with other festive elements, like reindeer nail art, candy canes, Christmas trees or the simple addition of classic festive colors like dark green, deep red or pink.

Video Tutorial: Christmas Light Nails

Get inspired by this tutorial for a glowing string of Christmas lights prepared by Sadler up Nails on youtube.

YouTube video

23 Christmas Light Nails Ideas

Here is our selection of the best styles we found on Instagram – if you need even more ideas and inspiration, you can check our dedicated Pinterest board with dozens more ideas not shared here.

1. Christmas Light Nails with Gemstones

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram tessa.lyn.nails

A pretty shimmery base nail polish helps to bring this gorgeous design to life. Instead of simple drops of nail polish, you can use tiny nail stickers to achieve the glowing look you want for your light string.

2. Christmas Light Nails with Santa

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram thebrontenailroom

Even the man of the hour makes an appearance on these nails! Stick to a simple color scheme for your string of lights if you’re using additional elements for the nails.

3. Christmas Light French Tip Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram trendingnails_hawaii

Simple white and red theme for nails can be easily translated into a classic minimalist look for your Christmas lights nails.

4. Hand Painted Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram whenyounailedit

For those who would like to attempt this at home, this is a great example of how the look can be achieved, by hand painting each light bulb and connecting with a golden string.

5. Grinch Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram genevieve_beauty

Transfer the magic of Christmas straight to your nails! A skilled nail artist will be able to create this work of art Grinch nail design that will surely ensure that you stand out of the crowd during the holiday season.

6. Christmas Light Nails with Rhinestones

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram glamour_nails_and_lashes_

Tiny rhinestones really transform your nails into a bit of magic, you just have to be careful that they are glued well enough so they don’t start falling off gradually.

7. Christmas Light Coffin Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram jillvonh

With coffin nails you have a lot more space to play with and you can alternate between displaying one or two light strings on your nails.

8. Red and White Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram 56westsalon

Not sure about covering all your nails? Do a feature nail instead and paint the rest of them in the classic holiday color of red.

9. Red and Gold Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram simplygorgeous_beauty

Another version of the statement nail approach with the prettiest shade of red and gold nail polish perfectly complements the look. As you can see it looks spectacular even on short nails.

10. Pink Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram napaznokciach

This is one of our favourite looks, with pink base nail polish and pastel colored lights on the string.

11. Green Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram billsbeautybox

Green is one of the classic colors of the season, and you can elevate it further by adding a couple of nails with the Christmas light design.

12. Candy Canes & Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram beauticlesbykerry

Two of our favorite things about Christmas – the lights and the candy! You can capture and match both easily as shown in this pretty manicure.

13. Tree Branch Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram talonsbyindia

Capture the edges of the Christmas tree with the lights reflecting on the branches, as shown beautifully in this example.

14. White Tip Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram nailedbysooph

Don’t want to give up your French tips for the holidays? Give them a little makeover by adding a few strings of Christmas lights.

15. Red Simple Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram ashnailco

One of the prettiest and most simple looks if you don’t want to go overboard with the Christmas lights look.

16. Mismatched Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram nailed_by_kenna

Multi-colored trees and lights, perfectly matched with a shade of pink and gold. Who is going to try this look for Christmas?

17. Christmas Lights on Short Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram beautylaunchpad

Got short nails? You can still pull of the look – just keep the light bulbs on your string small enough and ensure that your string has a variety of shapes.

18. Christmas Lights on Almond Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram nailsbylilig

Almond nails completely transform by this string of dark colored Christmas lights with some glitter nail polish.

19. French Tip Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram nailartbychlo

Transform your French tips by framing them with a string of Christmas lights.

20. Simple Christmas Lights on Short Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram nailsbytai

Keeping things simple is the best strategy for short nails manicure.

21. Long Grinch Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram hottipsbeauty

Another pretty manicure where Grinch makes another appearance.

22. Gold Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails
Instagram illustrated_nails

Add some contrast to your manicure by including a statement nail design with gold glitter nail polish.

23. Christmas Light Coffin Nails

christmas light nails
Instagram napaznokciach

Coffin nails in the prettiest shade of pink for the base and super simple string of Christmas lights.

See Christmas Lights Nails on Pinterest

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