5 Best Acrylic Nail Brushes on the Market [2023]

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The best acrylic nail brush can transform your DIY nail endeavors and elevate the work of professionals alike. 

The right brush holds the key to flawless acrylic applications, choosing the right brush can mean the difference between fabulous success and disaster! 

Picking the best acrylic nail brush for you can be an overwhelming task.

There are so many brushes to choose from, so how do you know which is the right one for you? 

Don’t worry, we have you covered! We know that finding the best acrylic nail brush can be hard!

We’ll help you figure out exactly what to look for from size, bristle material, and shape.

Brushes play a huge role in shaping acrylic nails and creating beautiful designs.

This is why it is so important to pay attention to every detail.

Join us while we cover acrylic brush basics and list our expert’s favorite products! 

Make your search for the best brushes for acrylic nails, a breeze!

best acrylic nail brush

What Makes a Good Acrylic Nail Brush?

There are many factors that make a good acrylic nail brush a good one, including

  • Bristle material
  • Brush shape
  • Brush size

But the most important thing to consider when selection the best acrylic nail brush is the brushes’ purpose and usage. So decide what you want to use your brush for and select one suitable for your needs! 


The materials used in acrylic nail brushes can be kolinsky, synthetic fibers, or a combination of both. 

Each bristle types, each offering unique advantages. Kolinsky bristles are prized for their natural hair softness, making them ideal for intricate detailing. 

Synthetic bristles, such as nylon, are typically more affordable and their made bristles make them a cruelty-free option for ethically conscious artists. 


The shape of your acrylic nail brush determines the kind of strokes you can create.

Round brushes are versatile and perfect for detailed work, while flat brushes offer precise lines and edges. 

Oval brushes provide a balance between the two, allowing for both intricate detailing and broader strokes. 

Your choice of shape should align with the nail art designs you wish to achieve.


Acrylic nail brushes come in various sizes, and selecting the appropriate size is crucial for optimal performance. 

Smaller brushes are excellent for intricate designs and detailing, providing precision and control. 

Medium-sized brushes strike a balance between detail and coverage, making them versatile for various nail sizes. 

Larger brushes are suitable for broader strokes and covering larger areas efficiently. 

Choosing the right size best acrylic nail brush ensures comfortable handling and seamless application, resulting in flawless acrylic nails.

Top 5 Best Acrylic Nail Brushes

1. Pana Acrylic Nail Brush

This expert favorite best acrylic nail brush, offers precision and durability for detailed designs like grid lines, flowers, and 3D nail art. 

Crafted with genuine kolinsky hair and sturdy alloy crimped ferrules, it ensures a smooth application and long-lasting use!


  • High-quality genuine Kolinsky hair bristles.
  • Available in various brush styles and sizes
  • Sturdy construction and excellent bead control for intricate designs.


  • Sold as a single brush.

Currently available on Amazon for $24.99

2. Saviland Acrylic Nail Brush Set

Elevate your nail art game with Saviland’s Acrylic Nail Brush Set!

This set includes three versatile brushes in sizes 8, 10, and 14, suitable for beginners and professionals. 

These brushes offer a delightful and precise application, making nail art effortless. 


  • Flexible Bristles
  • Suitable for All Levels
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Cute aesthetic!


  • The set only includes three sizes; while versatile, some users might prefer more size options for specific nail art styles.

Currently Available on Amazon for $7.49

3. Beaute Galleria Acrylic Nail Art Brush Set

Step up your nail art game with this best acrylic nail brush set.

It comes with 3 sizes offering precise control and excellent paint holding capacity. 

These brushes are great for detailed work, allowing you to effortlessly draw lines and intricate patterns. 

This set is a must-have for anyone looking to add finesse to their nail art!


  • High-quality Kolinsky Sable hair for superior performance.
  • Suitable for oils, acrylics, watercolors, or gouache.
  • Excellent for fine nail art work
  • Holds nail paint well for precise application.


  • Limited to three brush sizes in the set.
  • Requires proper cleaning and maintenance for prolonged use.

Currently available on Amazon for $49.99

4. Makartt Acrylic Nail Brush Set

Upgrade your nail art with this thin liner best acrylic nail brush set!

Ideal for detailed designs like hearts and stars. 

These nylon hair brushes work well with gel polish, acrylic powder, and more.

Perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, these cruelty-free brushes offer versatility and precision.


  • Versatile sizes for detailed nail art.
  • Comfortable and easy to handle.
  • Compatible with various nail products.
  • Durable nylon hair for long-lasting use.


  • Limited handle color options.
  • Smaller size may be difficult to control.

Currently available on Amazon for $9.99

5. Patelai Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush Set

When you grab this set, you’ll score 3 different sizes of these fabulous brushes, along with an extra set of non-slip black ferrules.

That’s a whole lot of nail art potential right at your fingertips!


  • Super flexible, soft, and boast excellent polymerization properties.
  • They come with lightweight oval silver metal handles.
  • Practical and stylishly designed.


  • They aren’t suitable for applying crystal powder.

Currently Available on Amazon for $14.99

Honorable Mentions

Here is a quick list of other brushes that didn’t make our ‘top 5 best acrylic nail brush’ but are definitely worth checking out!

Tips for Taking Care of Your Acrylic Nail Brush

We can’t stress enough how important it is to clean and sanitize your brushes!

Keeping them clean ensures you have a clean and sanitary manicure everytime.

Here are some basic care tips! 

  • Clean your acrylic nail brush after every use with a gentle wipe and a brush cleaner for deep cleaning. 
  • Sanitize your brushes by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol
  • Reshape bristles after cleaning
  • Make sure they air dry completely before storing!
  • Keep them protected with a brush cap or a case. 

Persistent discoloration, loose, or frayed bristles mean it’s time for a new brush.

Keep an eye on wear and tear – if it looks tired, give it the dignity of retirement and treat yourself to a fresh brush! Your nail art deserves it!


We’ve covered all the essentials on 5 best acrylic nail brush, from materials and shapes to handy tips for brush care.

Now it’s time for you to confidently choose the ideal brush for your creative needs! 

Remember to take a look at our expertly selected recommendations for best acrylic nail brush! 

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