23+ Dark Teal Nails Ideas to Steal This Month

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Do you love the look of dark teal nails? Are you wondering what nail design style should you go for?

In this article we have collected over 23 of the prettiest dark teal nail ideas, to give you plenty of inspiration for your next manicure project.

Dark teal is a super pretty and popular color for almost any occasion. It lends itself well as a mix with other colors, especially gold, which makes it a great choice for a special occasion. As it’s a dark color, it’s normally chosen for the fall and winter seasons, but you will also see it featured heavily at New Year parties.

With dark teal nails, you never have the issue of matching your manicure to your daily outfits – it works well with jeans, black outfits but it will also elevated any beige, white or grey clothing choice.

If you’re ready to select your favorites, head down to the image selection below. The selection features nail artists we found both on Instagram and Pinterest. If you would like to see more work from the same nail artist, in most of them we have included a link to their Instagram profile under the image.

23+ Prettiest Dark Teal Nails For Inspiration

Here they are, the 23+ prettiest styles we found online.

To see even more teal nail design inspiration, head over to our Pinterest board.

1. Gold & Botanical Dark Teal Nails

The perfect match for a special occasion, this custom botanical art will get everyone talking about your nails.

Dark Teal Nails

2. Dark Teal French Tip Nails

Elegant and understated, French tips get a modern makeover with pretty glitter teal nail polish.

Dark Teal Nails

3. Dark Teal and Gold Nails

Mix things up and add that special spark to your manicure by using a gold nail polish.

Dark Teal Nails

4. Dark Teal Nails with Glitter

Alternating a simple teal color with a glitter nail polish will add more contrast to your nails and make your manicure more interesting.

Dark Teal Nails

5. Matte Elegant Dark Teal Nails

Keep things simple with the prettiest shade of matte teal nail polish.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram shezelslife

6. Mixed Nail Art with Dark Teal Nails

Reveal your inner artist by opting for an intricate nail art manicure.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram dannika.bernadette_nail.artist

7. Rose Gold, Pink and Dark Teal Nails

Rose gold, pink and dark teal are a match made in heaven!

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram monmayernails

8. Elegant Dark Teal Nails

Keep it simple – if you have long nails, which are properly maintained and nicely shape, just a single tone of a teal nail polish will look spectacular.

Dark Teal Nails

9. Gold Foil and Dark Teal Nails

Need a bit more color? Add some gold flakes!

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram nailsbytash_bridgebeauty

10. Dark Teal for Special Occasion

These nails will certainly get their heads turning!

Dark Teal Nails
credit: Lucy Smirnova Nails

11. Marble Dark Teal Nail Design

Transform your nails with marble nail design.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram nailinesss

12. White and Dark Teal Nail Design

Pretty contrasting manicure with dark teal and white.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram gelsbydanielle_

13. Blue and Teal Nail Design

Reverse ombre effect with blue and teal nail polish.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram catmomnails

14. Green and Dark Teal Nail Design

Manicure that’s certainly fit for a party!

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram anaispassionails

15. Gold Dusted Teal Nails

If celebration calls for it, there’s never enough gold glitter on your nails.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram demijenkinsstudios

16. Minimalist Dark Teal Nails

Keeping things simple and minimalist can look as pretty as in this example.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram lannails_nails_beauty

17. Simple Glitter Dark Teal Nails

Gorgeous nail polish doesn’t need anything else to stand out.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram sdsnailsandbeauty_x

18. Mismatched Glitter Dark Teal Nails

Can’t choose just one shade? Use a couple of them at the same time.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram jadestalons

19. Red and Dark Teal Nails

A beautiful match with white and red nail art.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram foolsjade

20. Nail Art with Dark Teal Nails

Abstract art on long nails is always a good idea!

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram clawedbyviolet

21. Gold Confetti Nails

New Year parties anyone?

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram mericlenails

22. Dark Teal Gemstone Inpsired Nails

Gemstone inspired nail art.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram byroshnijay

23. Dark Teal Galaxy Nails

Capture the essence of the galaxy on your nails with this dark teal color.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram nerdynailsaf

24. Long Dark Teal Nails

Pretty and simple.

Dark Teal Nails
Instagram thenailspot1
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