30+ Romantic Red French Tip Nails You Should Try

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If you’re looking for a new twist on a classic manicure, then trying red French tip nails should be definitely on your radar!

Updating your classic white French tips to the fiery tones of red is not only a pretty choice for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary but adds a bit of interest even to an everyday manicure or a look for the office.

In this article, we have compiled over 30 of the best examples of this manicure for a variety of nail shapes and lengths, including coffin nails, acrylic nails or almond nails.

You may think that you need quite long nails to pull it off, but as you will see from our gallery, French tips can be achieved even on the shortest nails, although they might not look as elegant as on the longer nail shapes.

So if you’re prepared to give this a try, head down below to our image roundup, and also check the video tutorial we have shared below.

How to Do Red French Tip Nails

To transform your red French tip nails you need a few simple steps to follow.

  1. You need to start with freshly cleaned up and tidy nails, without any dust residue. Brush them off properly to make sure you have a clean and smooth surface to work with.
  2. Select your base color – to achieve the classic look, natural beige color tones work the best, but you can experiment also with milky white nail polish or natural shades of light pink.
  3. Once you’re done with your base color and let it dry properly, its time to create the design.
  4. To create the French tips, you would normally use stickers that would outline the area you need to cover in red. You need to be careful to place those on roughly the same spot on each nail, so the size of your red tips is the same on all your nails.
  5. Once you’ve got that measured up and the nail stickers in place, you can grab your red nail polish and get creating. The longer the nails are, the longer you can usually go with the French tips too.

Red French tip nails are one of the first nail designs most ladies experiment with, as they are easy to achieve at home and look like they’ve been done at the nail salon.

If you’re doing them the first time, give yourself plenty of time to practice to achieve the perfect look.

Video Tutorial: Red French Tips Nails

If you would like to try this nail design for red French tip nails at home check out this tutorial by Anosh Does Nails on Youtube.

YouTube video

30+ Prettiest Red French Tip Nails

Below is our selection of the prettiest design ideas for red French tip nails – if you want to try a new twist on this manicure classic, we are sure you will find lots of designs you will love in this collection.

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1. Pink and Red Tip Nails

Showcasing a bold twist on a classic style, these stunning red French tip nails offer a chic and vibrant touch to any look.

red french tip nails

2. Red French Nails Ideas with Gold Half Moon


3. Red French Tips on Short Nails

red french tip nails

4. Red French Tips on Log Coffin Nails

Celebrating a fresh and colorful take on traditional manicures, these eye-catching red French tip nails add a splash of edge and flair.

red french tip nails

5. Short Acrylic Nails Red Tips

This red tip manicure is both classy and cute:

red french tip nails

6. Natural Red Nails French Tip

red french tip nails

7. Heart Details on Red French Tips

red french tip nails

8. Almond Shaped Red Tipped Nails

red french tip nails

9. Super Short French with Red Tips

red french tip nails

10. Coffin Red Tips with Black Nail Art

red french tip nails

11. Elegant Red French Tips

This french tip with red is truly classy:

red french tip nails

Keep scrolling for more french tips with red nails!

12. Dark Red Glitter French Tips on Acrylic Nails

red french tip nails

13. Long Almond Nails with Red Tips

red french tip nails

Keep scrolling for more french nails with red tips!

14. Long Almond Nails with Red Tips

red french tip nails
Instagram: designbyjanet_

16. Alternating Red and Gold Tips

red french tip nails

17. With Silver Star

red french tip nails

18. Simple Elegant Red Tips

red french tip nails

19. Nude Nails with Red Tip

red french tip nails

20. Elegant Long Acrylic French Red Tip Nails

red french tip nails

21. Super Short Red French Manicure Nails

red french tip nails

Keep scrolling for more red French manicure designs!

22. Classic French Tips in Red

red french tip nails

Keep scrolling for more red French nail designs!

23. Black Middle Line French Tip Red Nails

red french tip nails

24. French Nails Red Tips with Gold Nail Art

red french tip nails

Keep scrolling for more red french tip nail designs!

25. Statement French Manicure Red Tips

red french tip nails

26. White Fire French Manicure with Red Tips

red french tip nails

27. Classic Coffin French Red Nails

red french tip nails

Keep scrolling for more French red tip nail designs!

28. Coffin Red French Tips with Gemstones

red french tip nails

29. Summer Red Tip French Manicure

red french tip nails

30. Extended Red Nail Tips on Coffin Nails

red french tip nails

31. Red French Manicure With Gems

red french tip nails

32. Long French Red Tips Nails

red french tip nails
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