40+ Chic Summer Coral Nails You Will Love [2024]

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Planning your summer manicure? Then look no further than summer coral nails!

There is something about choosing your favorite summer nail trends and ideas as winter ends that make you feel so alive.

Even from the spring rains to the summer sun, it feels like life has begun when the sun begins to warm up our days.

Summer coral nails will take over the season and we love every shade of it.

We will go over everything from all the reasons to love summer coral nails, including different shades of coral, we will be showing you 30+ photos for inspiration and how to do your coral nail polish at home, so keep reading for all the good stuff.

Video Tutorial: Summer Coral Nails

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40+ Best Ideas for Summer Coral Nails

Looking for some summer coral nails inspiration? Scroll down and take a look at the photos for more coral nail polish ideas. 

1. Floral Coral and White Nails

Summer Coral Nails


2. Minimalist Coral Nail Art Ideas

Summer Coral Nails


3. Glitter Summer Coral Nail Ideas

Summer Coral Nails


4. Mismatched Coral Summer Nails

Summer Coral Nails


5. Simple Glitter Coral Nail Designs

Summer Coral Nails


6. Summer Statement Nails

Summer Coral Nails


7. Coral and Gold Nails Designs

Summer Coral Nails


8. Floral Detail Coral Summer Nail Designs

Summer Coral Nails


9. Coral and Gold Nail Designs

Summer Coral Nails


10. Coral and Blue Nails

Summer Coral Nails


11. Black Outline on Coral Nails

Summer Coral Nails


12. Summer Swirl Coral Nails

Summer Coral Nails


13. Hot Pink and Coral Short Nails

Summer Coral Nails


14. Botanical Inspired Coral and Silver Nails

Summer Coral Nails


15. Blue and Coral Nail Designs

Summer Coral Nails


16. Coral Red Nail Designs

Summer Coral Nails


17. Coral Acrylic Nail Ideas

Summer Coral Nails


18. Bright Coral Nails with Design

Summer Coral Nails


19. Natural Mismatched Summer Coral Nails

Summer Coral Nails


20. Boho Coral and Green Nails

Summer Coral Nails


21. Barbie Pink and Coral Nails

Summer Coral Nails


22. Bold Coral Nails Ideas

Summer Coral Nails


23. Fun Sticker Summer Coral Nails

Summer Coral Nails


24. Statement Coral Color Nails

Summer Coral Nails


25. Beach Inspired Nails

Summer Coral Nails


26. Single Glitter Nail

Summer Coral Nails


27. A Touch of Silver

Summer Coral Nails


28. Summer Inspired Fun Nails

Summer Coral Nails


29. Summer Fun Nails

Summer Coral Nails


30. Long Coral Nails Design

Summer Coral Nails


31. Coral Nail Color Ideas

Summer Coral Nails


32. Coffin Coral Holiday Nail Ideas

Summer Coral Nails


33. Simple Coral Gel Nails Ideas

Summer Coral Nails


34. Coral French Nail Designs

Summer Coral Nails


35. Neon Coral Nails with Glitter

Summer Coral Nails


36. Glitter Coral Nails with Stars

Summer Coral Nails


37. Elegant Coral Colour Nails

Summer Coral Nails


38. Tropical Coral Coffin Nail Designs

Summer Coral Nails


39. Mismatched Neon Summer Nails

Summer Coral Nails


40. Short Marble Summer Coral Nails

Summer Coral Nails


41. Hummingbird Summer Nails

Summer Coral Nails


42. Mint Green and Coral Nails

summer coral nails

43. Coral and Navy Blue Nail Designs

summer coral nails

44. Coral Nails with Gold Foil

summer coral nails

Why We Love Summer Coral Nails

We love summer coral nails because they are fresh, fun, and fabulous.

It reminds us of carnival, cocktails, and live music. Coral is such a fun and eye-catching color that will wake up your regular manicure and add the perfect touch of color to any look.

The color coral is considered to mean that the person wearing it is optimistic, creative, and bubbly. Even if you aren’t feeling it, wearing the color can help to get you to this state of mind.

Need more reasons to love summer coral nails? Many different shades of coral can be used in regular manicures or add a little flavor with one or two nails with designs to accent your look.

You can create an entire manicure of art on every nail or keep it simple, whatever you choose; summer coral nails will bring a vibrant change from your regular manicure to a summer-ready look.

Most Popular Shades for Summer Coral Nails

There are so many amazing colors to paint your nails with, and choosing a summer coral nail polish is just the beginning of an entire color wheel of coral starting with:

  • Neon coral- An orange coral OPI gel color “Down to the Core”.
  • Matte coral
  • Essie couture curator is a great light and soft pink shade of coral. 
  • Dazzle Dry’s Carnival Coral is a bright pink coral that would make for the perfect solid manicure.
  • For a classic bright orange coral nail, OPI’s Live.Love.Carnival is the perfect pick for any skin tone and personal style.

How To Do Summer Coral Nails at Home

Giving yourself the perfect summer coral nails at home is too easy not to try.

A few things you will need are clippers, cuticle nippers or mani scissors, file, buffer, base, and top coats, and your coral nail polish.

You will start by gently pushing the cuticles back and trimming any excess skin that is sticking up, being careful not to overcut the cuticle. 

Next, you will want to cut and/or file the nails to the shape and length you are happy and comfortable with. Followed by a light buffing of the free edge and the base of the nail to eliminate any bumps, ridges, and sharp points.

After your at-home manicure and nail reshaping, you can apply some acetone to the nail to cleanse off any oils and begin polishing your base coat (or you can try other methods that don’t involve acetone).

Finally, in long solid strokes from cuticle to free edge, polish the coral nail color.

Apply up to two coats and let it dry. 

Apply your favorite shiny protective top coat and you are all done!

That’s a wrap. We have broken down why we love the summer coral nails look and shared over 30 ways you can wear this bright polish. We also discussed how to get the look in the comfort of your own home.

Now all you have to do is enjoy them!

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