37+ Chic Summer Orange Nails Ideas [2023]

Are you looking for the perfect summer orange nails? In that case, you’re at the right place! Our team has curated a selection of nearly 40 gorgeous designs, to give you plenty of ideas on how to execute the perfect summer manicure!

No matter if you have long coffin nails, almond nails or natural short nails, in this article you will find lots of pretty manicure ideas that work for any nail shape and nail length.

Check out the latest trends for 2023 we have listed below, and follow up by browsing through our collection of ideas – don’t forget to save your favorites in Pinterest!

Why Orange for Summer Nails?

Orange is a beautiful cheerful summer color that just happens to work perfectly with tanned or naturally darker skin tones. It’s the perfect way to elevate your summer tan and make your nails really pop. With orange nail polish, you have plenty of options to choose from in different shades, that will allow you to go as bold or as soft as you want with the final result.

Orange is also a popular choice for vacation tropical nails or beach nails, as it reflects the colors of the sunset, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose it for your everyday look. With a pretty pastel orange shade, you can create a sophisticated and neutral manicure that will take you through the whole summer, and is also a great look for your work manicure.

On the other hand, if you really want to make a statement and get nails that stand out from the crowd, choose neon shades of orange with simple nail art, to create a manicure that doesn’t need much to speak volumes!

2023 Trends for Summer Orange Nails

  • Ombre nails – orange nail polish pairs beautifully with pink, beige, white or dark orange colors to create a beautiful transition on ombre nails.
  • Glitter nails – add a bit of sparkle to your manicure with a delicate touch of glitter nail polish – an easy way to transform a basic everyday manicure into party-ready look.
  • Neon nails – neon orange shades are the perfect color choice for summer days, the color really pops against darker skin tones and is striking on its own, without the need to add any complicated nail art. This makes it the perfect at-home manicure option.
  • French tip nails – French tips get their summer makeover with vibrant shades of orange which really make them pop!
  • Mismatched manicure – love more than one nail design style? Ask your nail artist to create a customized look with two or three styles in one manicure.
  • Stripe nails – if you love the look of simple nail art, white stripes on orange nails look elegant and sophisticated, no matter what the occasion may be

37+ Ideas for Summer Orange Nails

Here are the best looks and manicure ideas for orange summer nails! If you enjoy this selection, don’t forget to also check our Pinterest account where you will find hundreds of trending nail design ideas to try!

1. Elegant Orange Almond Summer Nails

summer orange nails

2. Orange Stripes and Glitter

summer orange nails

3. Short Orange Ombre Nails

summer orange nails

4. Orange Summer Flower Nails

summer orange nails

5. Orange and Beige Summer Nails

summer orange nails

6. Orange and Black Summer Nails

summer orange nails

7. Orange White Stripe Summer Nails

summer orange nails

8. Neon Orange Summer Nails

summer orange nails

9. Acrylic Orange Summer Nails

summer orange nails

10. Orange Rainbow Summer Nails

summer orange nails

11. Neon Orange Fake French Tip Nails

summer orange nails

12. Neon Orange and Hot Pink Nails

summer orange nails

13. Elegant Orange Coffin Nails

summer orange nails

14. Orange and Gold Almond Nails

summer orange nails

15. Orange Brown Almond Nails

summer orange nails

16. Mismatched Orange Summer Manicure

summer orange nails

17. Light Orange Summer Manicure

summer orange nails

18. Pastel Orange Nails with Glitter

summer orange nails

19. Glitter Orange Manicure

summer orange nails

20. Orange and White Coffin Nails

summer orange nails

21. Single Orange Ombre Nail

summer orange nails

22. Playful Abstract Orange Summer Nails

summer orange nails

23. Pastel Orange and Blue Manicure

summer orange nails

24. Pastel Orange and Yellow Manicure

summer orange nails

25. Orange and Zebra Stripes

summer orange nails

26. Orange French Tips with Flowers

summer orange nails

27. Orange French Tips with White Nail Art

summer orange nails

28. Neon Orange Speckled Nails

summer orange nails

29. Summer Orange Floral Manicure

summer orange nails

30. Pastel Orange Summer Manicure

summer orange nails

31. Chrome Orange Summer Manicure

summer orange nails

32. Orange Ombre Long Coffin Nails

summer orange nails

33. Classic Orange Nails

summer orange nails

34. Ombre and Gold Flakes

summer orange nails

35. Bright Neon Orange Pink Manicure

summer orange nails

36. Bright Neon Floral Summer Nails

summer orange nails

36. Neon and Silver Ombre Nails

summer orange nails

37. Orange Ombre Stiletto Nails

summer orange nails

38. Orange Glitter Summer Nails

summer orange nails

39. Orange Leopard Stripe Nails

summer orange nails