47+ Chic Yellow Autumn Nails Designs [2024]

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As the seasons change, so do the trends and aesthetics surrounding fashion and accessories, including our nails.

If you’re looking to embrace autumn with open arms and by snuggling inside with a delicious cup of hot chocolate, make your manicure reflect how you feel. 

Yellow autumn nails are a great way to go about it as there are plenty of shades of yellow to choose from.

Plus, the color is known for being happy and gleeful, putting a smile on your face even on the gloomiest of autumn days!

47+ Ideas for Yellow Autumn Nails

Autumn brings with it a plethora of nail styles, making it hard to pick just one.

Check out these ideas for inspiration and you’ll be on your way to yellow autumn nails this season!

1. Simple Yellow Autumn Matte Coffin Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

2. Perfect Mustard Yellow Almond Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

3. Short Yellow Autumn Nails with Flower Art

Yellow Autumn Nails

4. Almond Yellow and Orange Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

5. Yellow Gold Autumn Nails with Orange Art

Yellow Autumn Nails

6. Green and Yellow Autumn Inspired Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

7. Acrylic Lemon Yellow French Tip Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

8. Matte Autumn Yellow Detailed Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

9. Yellow Pumpkin Autumn Coffin Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

10. Bright and Creamy Mustard Yellow Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

11. Yellow Base French Tip Nails with Flames

Yellow Autumn Nails

12. Flower Design Yellow Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

13. Matte Yellow and Red Autumn Nails with Art

Yellow Autumn Nails

14. Artistic Yellow Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

15. Glitter Yellow Nail Design

Yellow Autumn Nails

16. Long Acrylic Autumn Nails in Yellow

Yellow Autumn Nails

17. Nude and Yellow Ombre Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

18. Red, Yellow and Orange Autumn Nails Design

Yellow Autumn Nails

19. All Glitter Yellow Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

20. Multicoloured Autumn Mix Nails with Yellow

Yellow Autumn Nails

21. Yellow Nails with Butterflies

Yellow Autumn Nails

22. Autumn Yellow Ombre Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

23. Yellow Autumn Marble Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

24. Amazing Autumn Yellow Art Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

25. Tartan Yellow Nails with Black Art

Yellow Autumn Nails

26. Banana Ombre Yellow Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

27. Navy and Yellow Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

28. Glossy Yellow Short Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

29. Glittery French and Ombre Yellow Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

30. Beautiful Yellow Sunset Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

31. Two Toned Yellow French Tipped Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

32. Yellow and Orange Aura Ombre Autumn Nail Design

Yellow Autumn Nails

33. Tortoise Shell Autumn Nails in Black and Yellow Tones

Yellow Autumn Nails

34. Yellow And Pink Base Autumn Nails with Flower Art

Yellow Autumn Nails

35. Fancy Yellow Autumn Leaves Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

36. Yellow and Nude Gold Lined Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

37. Yellow Nails with Wavy Smiley Face

Yellow Autumn Nails

38. Abstract Art Two Tone of Yellow Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

39. Short Mustard Yellow Leopard Print Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

40. Yellow Autumn Nails with Gold Lines

Yellow Autumn Nails

41. Autumn Art Yellow Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

42. Yellow and Green Autumn Pumpkin Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

43. Swirly Yellow Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

44. Black and Yellow Autumn Design Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

45. Basic Honey Mustard Yellow Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

46. Yellow and Black Speckles Autumn Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

47. Dipped Gold Yellow Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

48. Yellow Tips With White Half Moons Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

49. Animal Printed Yellow Nail Design

Yellow Autumn Nails

50. Tortoiseshell and Golden Yellow Combination Nails

Yellow Autumn Nails

Embracing Autumn Vibes with Yellow Nails

While maroons, reds, and burgundies are all great options, they tend to be overused.

If you really want to stand out and make your nails pop this fall, yellow and orange is the way to go.

Yellow is associated with enthusiasm, hope, confidence, happiness, and excitement.

Finding the Right Shade of Yellow

Pick from a range of different yellow hues to get autumn-themed nails.

Dandelion, honey, pineapple, butterscotch, apricot, tangerine, cantaloupe, and merigold are just a few of your options.

When selecting a shade for your yellow autumn nails, pick something muted so it’s on-theme for the season.

Otherwise, it could end up looking more summery than you intend.

Consider your skin tone and undertones as well as your personal style.

If you’re someone who usually wears dark colors, opt for something darker so it blends with your usual style.

Complement yellow with other autumn hues to give your manicure a finished look, add pizazz, and enhance your autumn theme.

Incorporating Autumn Elements Into Yellow Nails

Combine different motifs to achieve unique-looking nails.

Start with a base coat using your chosen shade of yellow and use other autumnal shades to add depth and variation to the elements. 

You can also use nail stickers, stamps, or stencils, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

Then, seal the deal with a top coat and you’re good to go!

Texture Play: Matte, Glossy, and Metallic Yellow Nails

Playing around with texture is a great way to make a single color go a long way.

Matte, glossy, and metallic effects make nails look completely different even if it’s the same shade of yellow!

Matte textures look best for casual or daily wear.

Glossy or metallic textures make a bold and fun statement for special occasions. 

Yellow Nails That Transition From Day to Night

If you need versatility from your nails, pair yellow nails with burgundy or black.

This gorgeous combination can easily transition from day to night.

Bonus points if you add a metallic silver or gold accent to further elevate your manicure!

The key to matching your nails with your outfit is to use a yellow shade that goes with the rest of your clothing choices.

For example, if your wardrobe has mostly muted colors, go for a muted yellow. 

Nail Care Tips To Make Your Autumn Yellow Nails Pop

The trick to a long-lasting manicure is the right care:

  • Use quality products.
  • Apply a base coat and a top coat to seal your manicure.
  • Use cuticle oil on your cuticles and nails.
  • Keep your hands moisturized.
  • Clean your nails.

These simple measures enhance the longevity of your manicure.

Embracing Individuality: Personalizing Your Yellow Autumn Nails

Yellow autumn nails are a wonderful option.

Add your own personality to your manicure with fun elements that make it unique from the rest.

Little customizations can go a long way – be it the shade of yellow you pick, or the added embellishments and glitter that make it pop.

You won’t regret how empowered and confident it will make you feel to look at your nails and know that they are special and unique like you.


There’s an endless list of possibilities when it comes to yellow autumn nails.

Just take a look at some of our amazing options.

Use them as they are or create your own variation.

No matter how you go about it, it’s an eye-catching and stylish way to celebrate the season.

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Lindsey is a professional nail and make up artist, specializing in special occasion nails and make up. She is based in Utah, US and owns a small beauty salon with her business partner. She loves writing about the art and craft of nail artistry and is excited about discovering new nail trends.

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