27 Best Designs for Acrylic Galaxy Nails

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Dreaming about the perfect out-of-this-world acrylic galaxy nails?

In that case, you’re at the right place!

Our team of experts has carefully curated this collection of the best acrylic galaxy nail designs to give you plenty of ideas for your next manicure project. No matter what nail shape or nail size you prefer, you will find lots of beautiful designs in various styles and complexity levels.

If you’re going for galaxy nails, there are so many different nail art options you can include, and you can go super intricate by including planets from the solar system, or keep it super simple and light by adding just a few stars and the moon. The options are truly limitless when it comes to this nail design.

Check out the tutorial below if you would like to try this at home, or head straight down to the roundup of the best styles we’ve collected from Instagram.

Video Tutorial: Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

If you would like to create one of the galaxy nail ideas at home, take a look at this video tutorial by nail revolutions via youtube.

YouTube video

27 Best Designs for Acrylic Galaxy Nails

Check out the prettiest designs for acrylic galaxy nails, collected from the most talented nail artists.

If you would like to see more of their work, you will find their Instagram bio linked under each image.


1. Long French Tip Acrylic Galaxy Nails

If you like to keep it classy and different, this pastel galaxy look with black color for contrast looks absolutely stunning.

galaxy nails
Nail design by project_paznokcie

2. Milky Way Acrylic Galaxy Nails

Another elegant look for those who would like to keep the lighter colors, but include plenty of detail. A simple look that can be achieved at home easily using nail stickers for the stars instead of painting them by hand.

galaxy nails
Nail design by betterwithjew

3. Purple and Grey Acrylic Galaxy Nails

Not a fan of intricate nail art? Combine these two colors to achieve the look of the night sky.

galaxy nails
Nail design by photon_nails

4. Acrylic Galaxy Nails with Planet Nail Art

Something for space geeks – these nails are truly the work of art!

galaxy nails
Nail design by kaomitl

5. Green Acrylic Galaxy Nails

If you would like your nails to be more vibrant and exciting, choosing this shade of green combined with white highlights will really bring the design to life.

galaxy nails
Nail design by cute.clawz

6. Acrylic Galaxy Nails With Rhinestones

A bit of a bling goes a long way!

galaxy nails
Nail design by havennails_beautyspa

7. Simple Glitter Acrylic Galaxy Nails

Another classic look with less is more approach, and just one statement nail design included.

galaxy nails
Nail design by lavishclawss

8. Almond Shape Acrylic Galaxy Nails

A pretty glitter base color combined with simple nail art.

galaxy nails
Nail design by karina_filipiuk

9. Vibrant Colorful Acrylic Galaxy Nails

If you love a color that stands out, this combination of purple with blue nail polish is the way to go!

galaxy nails
Nail design by nsonails

10. Neutral Acrylic Galaxy Nails

Update your classic French tips with some pastel tones and black stars to achieve this minimalist galaxy look.

galaxy nails
Nail design by cubanasets

11. Midnight Sky Acrylic Galaxy Nails

White and blue ombre nails perfectly complemented with gold star stickers.

galaxy nails
Nail design by rock.a_nd.rose

12. Milky Way Coffin Acrylic Galaxy Nails

Capture the essence of Milky Way on your nails – all you need is a pretty black glitter nail polish and a few shades of purple and pink to achieve this look.

galaxy nails
Nail design by caitlyn.nails

13. Milky Way Galaxy Long Nails

Another version of the Milky Way nails with white and gold splatter to imitate the look of the night sky.

galaxy nails
Nail design by melonnailart

14. Earth and Stars Nails

Don’t forget to capture your favorite planet if you decided to go for galaxy nails.

galaxy nails
Nail design by glamournails_iv

15. Natural Shape Galaxy Nails

A minimalist take on the subject, with purple galaxy theme on a natural shape nails.

galaxy nails
Nail design by madziaczek321

16. Vibrant Blue Acrylic Galaxy Nails

If you want to go big and bold, opt for this electric shade of blue.

galaxy nails
Nail design by @whatsupnails

17. Black Acrylic Galaxy Nails

Simple and intricate at the same time, black makes the perfect base color for your galaxy nails.

galaxy nails
Nail design by hellorosy

18. Metalic Blue and Purple Acrylic Galaxy Nails

Even shorter nail shapes can look fabulous with a nail art like this one.

galaxy nails
Nail design by cherished_nails

19. Royal Blue Acrylic Galaxy Nails

A color that certainly packs a punch! Royal blue pairs perfectly with white nail art.

galaxy nails
Nail design by fanntanails

20. Extra Long Acrylic Galaxy Nails

For super long nails, the less is more approach works the best. A carefully chosen shade of glitter nail polish with a subtle hue effect to achieve the look of the night sky.

galaxy nails
Nail design by melonnailart

21. Midnight Blue Acrylic Galaxy Nails

A few shades of blue glitter nail polish will work wonders to achieve the look of a galaxy glittering with stars.

galaxy nails
Nail design by whatsupnails

22. Sparkling Silver Acrylic Galaxy Nails

For those who love a neutral look, silver stars and glitter will transform your nails into a magical stardust in an instant.

galaxy nails
nail design by @zoe_a_hancock

23. Planets and Stars

Simple nail art for those who want to see a bit more than just star dust.

galaxy nails
Nail design by talonsbyindia

24. White and Purple Galaxy Nail Art

A neutral natural look with white stars and purple hues of Milky Way.

galaxy nails
Nail design by anotherii

25. Mermaid Color Galaxy Nails

Beautiful vibrant colors that really bring your nails to life.

galaxy nails
Nail design by martynalesz_indigo

26. Blue and Black Galaxy Nails

A simple two color approach to the galaxy nail theme.

galaxy nails
Nail design by bymelinailss

27. Deep Blue Galaxy Nails

Add more depth to your nails with a few shades of blue on the black base color.

galaxy nails
Nail design by samanthalouisebeautystudio
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