Black Galaxy Nails: Gorgeous Designs to Inspire Your Next Manicure

If you’re planning your next manicure and thinking about something out there, we have just what you’re looking for right here – black galaxy nails!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to recreate the whole Solar system on your nails!

This space-inspired manicure comes in a variety of designs and nail shapes that will satisfy even the most enthusiastic nail art fans. Whether you’re looking for something that will make you stand out from the crowd, or want to try a new challenging design at home, we have plenty to choose from for both categories.

In this article, we put together a selection of the prettiest black galaxy nail designs to help you find the perfect fit just for you. Whether you have long nails, acrylic nails, short nails or natural almond-shaped nails, any of these pretty designs will work with whatever nail shape and nail length you might have.

Are you ready to dive in and choose your favorites?

10+ Gorgeous Black Galaxy Nails Designs

Below is our selection of the best designs we found online. If you would like to check more nail styles and ideas from the same nail artists, you will find their Instagram bio linked under each image.

1. Black Nails with Planets

Challenge your nail artist to recreate this piece of art on your own nails – a selection of planets with the Milky Way and stunning details that will leave anyone speechless.

galaxy nails
Nail design by kaomitl

2. Black Galaxy Nails with White Stars

If you want to try something simple, that can be easily accomplished at home, this look with a simple black glitter nail polish as a base, and hand painted white stars, is the right choice for you.

galaxy nails
Nail design by alexandra_nail_artist_mjt

3. Black Galaxy Nails with Milky Way

An elegant look for almond shaped nails with black glitter nail polish and the appearance of the Milky Way achieved by the use of blue and purple nail polish.

galaxy nails
Nail design by _pinka.nailart_

4. Glitter Black Galaxy Nails

If you’re wearing longer nails, use them as a big canvas to create this masterpiece!

galaxy nails
Nail design by caitlyn.nails

5. Purple and Black Galaxy Nails

Not sure about a single color? You can create more contrast by incorporating two different looks into one nail design.

galaxy nails
Nail design by madziaczek321

6. Glitter Black Galaxy Nails

Coffin nails? Glitter nail polish that captures the essence of the night sky and the Milky Ways is one of the prettiest way to execute the galaxy look.

galaxy nails
Nail design by melonnailart

7. Earth and Stars Galaxy Nails

Paint your favorite planet and pair it with some stars!

galaxy nails
Nail design by glamournails_iv

8. Simple Almond Galaxy Nails

Another simple look for shorter almond shaped nails with black based and white hand-painted details.

galaxy nails
Nail design by hellorosy

9. Galaxy Nail Art for Short Nails

An elevated look using the sprinkle technique and some hand-painted details.

galaxy nails
Nail design by opal.luxbeauty

10. Colorful Planets on Black Nails

Add a pop of color to your nails, especially if you want to capture some of the planets.

galaxy nails
Nail design by talonsbyindia

11. Black Galaxy Nails with Blue Star Dust

Blue and purple pair wonderfully with the black base nail polish and make the whole manicure come to life.

galaxy nails
Nail design by bymelinailss

12. Black Galaxy Nails with Blue Milky Way

Using high gloss nail polish in a pretty black base, with hand-painted details make these nails look like you’re almost touching the sky.

galaxy nails
Nail design by samanthalouisebeautystudio

We hope you found some. manicure look that you absolutely adore! Feel free to check out our other ideas from the recommended articles below.