33+ Chic Matte Olive Green Nails Ideas [2024]

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Olive green is such a versatile color, it’s no surprise it’s such a popular choice for manicures! In this article, we have compiled some of the most beautiful ideas for matte olive green nails, in a variety of styles and for different nail shapes.

Before we look at them, did you know that olive green color came into use already between 1150 and 1500? The name of this shade of green is derived from the color of olives, and it’s a color shade favored by armed forces around the world as it helps them to blend into the background.

Olive green is the perfect choice for a manicure as it’s one of the colors that’s flattering to most skin tones. Here are some color pairings and combinations, if you’re thinking of elevating your matte olive green nails further:

  • to complement the shade of olive green, you can pair it with beige, navy tones or light greys
  • colors that pair well with olive green are red, purple, grey, navy, maroon and tan
  • if you want the color to pop, you can pair it with hues of violet or red

Now that you know everything about your color choice, lets look at some beautiful nail designs you can use as inspiration for your next manicure project or a trip to the nail salon.

Video Tutorial: Matte Olive Green Nails

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33+ Best Ideas for Matte Olive Green Nails

Below is our curated selection of over 33 gorgeous designs for matte olive green nails. If you need even more ideas and inspirations, we have saved dozens more in our dedicated Pinterest board, so go and check it out!

1. Mustard and Green Matte Nails Designs

This is a beautiful manicure with super simple contrast using matte olive green with rusty mustard nail polish elevated with the use of gold flakes. For the special occasion look, or if you want to try something completely different, and we think mustard and green nails are the perfect combo.

matte green olive nails
Instagram @igorjovic

2. Beige and Olive Green Matte Nails

If you love a feminine look for your nails, this is a manicure that will certainly tick a lot of boxes. Pretty matte nail polish in shade of olive green and beige, elevated by simple botanical patterns that makes the whole manicure look super delicate.

matte green olive nails
Instagram sylwia.ka_1982

3. Green Matte Nail Polish on French Tips

This is a unique use of a matte nail polish that really allows you to see how much is possible. The matte base is elevated by French tips painted in high gloss olive green nail polish for added contrast and interest.

matte green olive nails
Instagram vivictha.nails

4. Simple Short Matte Olive Green Nail Design

Got short nails? You can keep things super simple and just use a single shade of olive green nail polish.

matte green olive nails
Instagram @eve__nail__art

5. Sweater Effect Army Green Matte Nails

This may not be the shade for you, but it’s great as an inspiration on how far you can take your olive green nail polish. The sweater nail art is usually suitable for a winter manicure, but when paired with olive green color it looks fabulous all year round.

matte green olive nails
Instagram nailswithonen

6. Matte Olive Green and Purple Nails

Bored of one color? Add contrast by incorporating purple, and adding variation by using both matte and high gloss nail polish.

matte green olive nails
Instagram nunu_nailss

7. Almond Matte Green Nail Ideas

These pretty nails look like they belong to an art gallery – a beautiful design on stiletto nails with golden and dark olive green outlines.

matte green olive nails
Instagram melixnail

8. Matte Green and Gold Nails

If you need nails for a special occasion, shiny gold or glittery gold nail polish pairs wonderfully with olive green base color, especially if you’re going for the matte look which helps to bring out the shine even more.

matte green olive nails
Instagram @melixnail

9. Long Coffin Matte Green Nail Designs

Long coffin nails? Keeping things simple may be your best bet, especially if you’re looking for a simple manicure you can do easily at home.

matte green olive nails
Instagram sculptedxyoshy

10. Green and Beige Nails

Add a bit of variety to your manicure by incorporating simple geometric shapes.

matte green olive nails
Instagram messy_acrylics

11. 3D Art Olive Green Nails Design

If you love the look of 3D nail art, it pairs beautifully with simple neutral base, such as the ombre olive green look shown below.

Olive Green Ombre Nails
Instagram zsoka_nails

12. Minimalist Matte Green Nails Design

Even darker shades of olive green can work magic! Give your nails a minimalist look by including very simple outlines with black nail polish.

matte olive green nails
Nail design by pixienailz2022

13. Marble And Olive Matte Nails

For an added contrast and interest, include a marble nail design with some gold flakes.

matte olive green nails
Nail design by truenorthnails

14. Army Green Nails Matte Style

Short nails beautifully decorated with elegant thin white nail art. Try olive green and white nail designs for a chic and contemporary look.

matte olive green nails
Nail design by xnails_by_snow_christine

15. Olive Green Nails with Crocodile Matte Print

Try textured nail designs matte green hues for a chic and contemporary look.

matte olive green nails

16. Stiletto Matte Olive Green Nail Polish

matte olive green nails

17. Fall Inspired Matte Olive Green Nails with Leaves and Gold

matte olive green nails

18. Short Abstract Matte Light Green Nails

matte olive green nails

19. Olive Green Matte with Glossy Tips

matte olive green nails

20. Short Olive Green Almond Nails

matte olive green nails

21. Matte French Tip Olive Green Nails

matte olive green nails

22. Dark Olive Green Nails

matte olive green nails

23. Abstract Art Beige and Green Nails

matte olive green nails

24. Playful Matte and Glossy Olive Green Nails

matte olive green nails

25. Long Nature Inspired Matte Olive Green Nails

matte olive green nails

26. Light Green Matte Nails with Gold Foil

Try these matte olive green nails adorned with luxurious gold accents.

matte olive green nails

27. Olive Green Matte with Rhinestones

matte olive green nails

28. Matte Olive Green Nails with Navy and Gold

This olive green nail art is a bold choice for sophisticated and modern manicures.

matte olive green nails

29. Elegant Matte Green Nail Art

Adorn your fingertips with the timeless elegance of olive green and white nails for a sophisticated and versatile manicure.

matte olive green nails

30. Matte Dark Green Nails with Nail Art

Elevate your style with sophisticated olive green French tip nails for a touch of timeless elegance.

matte olive green nails

31. Green Matte Nail Designs with Rose Gold

matte olive green nails

32. Black, Green and White Nail Designs

This trendy olive green manicure exudes timeless elegance and style.

matte olive green nails

33. Matte Green Acrylic Nails with Gold Flakes

Elevate your manicure with golden olive green French tips for a touch of timeless elegance. These elegant matte green nails with gold are a classic choice.

matte olive green nails

34. Bold Matte Olive Green Nails

A classic when it comes to olive green matte nail designs. Simply use matte green nail polish with shimmer.

matte olive green nails

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