27+ Eye Catching Ideas For Black and Green Nails

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If you love a manicure with a lot of contrast, then black and green nails are something you should consider for your next look.

These colors are often used for Halloween or the fall season, but if you love a look that’s bound to catch attention, you can wear it all year round. There are a variety of designs available, some more striking than others, so no matter what your personal taste may be, you will find lots of ideas you will love in our roundup below.

With black and green nails you can go as bold as you want, or as subtle as you want – best of all, there are designs that work for any nail size or nail shape, so you will have lots of options to choose from.

In this article, we have compiled a selection of over 27 beautiful designs, including a tutorial to create one of these looks at home, and rounded up the most popular nail design options in the paragraph below.

Popular Design Styles for Black and Green Nails

Here are some popular green and black nails ideas:

  • Marble Nails – if you like a softer look with not too much contrast, creating a marble effect with these two nail polish colors is a great idea. Check out the tutorial below on how to achieve this look.
  • French Tip Nails – Similarly, if you don’t want to go overboard with either color option, you can simply add these two colors as your French tips. Green and black french tip nails look elegant and timeless and not distracting.
  • Neon Green Nails – if you want nails that will turn heads, then definitely reach for neon nail polish shades.
  • Mixed Design Nails – have the best of both worlds by including more than one nail design in your manicure, such as black white and green nails.
  • Black Nail Art on Green Nailsgreen nail polish is the perfect base color that will make your custom black nail art really stand out. Feel free to also experiment with dark green and black nail designs as well!
  • Cartoon Style Nails – for those who want to venture out of their comfort zone, cartoon nails really catch the attention of everyone who will see them.
  • Glitter Nails – need something a little more festive or a party look? Reach for a glitter green or black nail polish.
  • Botanical Nail Art – achieve a softer and more sophisticated look by including lighter green colors and adding black botanical nail art.
  • Halloween Nails – try green and black halloween nails if you want to achieve a unique design.

Video Tutorial: Black and Green Marble Nails

If you would like to try creating your black and green manicure at home, take a look at this video tutorial which will show you how to achieve a simple black and green marble effect on your nails. It’s one of our favorite green and black nail designs:

YouTube video
video credits: winnie is awesome

27+ Best Black and Green Nails Ideas

Are you ready to pick your favorite black and green nail designs? Below is a curated collection of the best nail designs with black and green nail polish, featuring different nail lengths and shapes – everything from natural short nails, and almond nails all the way to long coffin nails.

We have also included nails for everyday wear and some ideas for party look.

If you need even more inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest account where we have hundreds of new nail design ideas added daily!

1. Ombre Black and Green Nails Design

Black and green ombre nails are a classic choice that can never go wrong:

black and green nails

2. Neon Black and Green Nail Ideas with Glitter

black and green nails

3. Snake Skin Black Nails with Green Tips

black and green nails

4. Glitter Black and Green Acrylic Nails

black and green nails

5. Galaxy Inspired Black Green Nails

Get inspired from these lovely black and green short nails:

black and green nails

6. Cartoon Inspired Green and Black Nail Art

black and green nails

7. Matte Green and Black Nails Designs

black and green nails

8. Apple with Glitter Nails

black and green nails

9. Black Green Nail Designs in Almond Shape

black and green nails

10. Black Nails with Green Glitter

black and green nails

11. Neon Green and Black Nails

black and green nails

12. Half Black Nails Green Tips

black and green nails

13. Halloween Inspired Green and Black Nail Ideas

Here is some inspiration for black and green halloween nails:

black and green nails

Keep scrolling for more green white and black nails!

14. Horror Movie Inspired Black and Neon Green Nails

black and green nails

15. Black and Green Nails Short Style with Stars

The perfect green black nails if you want to incorporate stars into your mani:

black and green nails

16. Drip Nails Green and Black

black and green nails

17. Coffin Black and Green French Tip Nails

When it comes to black nails with green french tip, why not try both:

black and green nails

Keep scrolling for more black and green coffin nails!

18. Coffin Green Black and White Nail Designs

These black and green glitter nails arre truly glamorous:

black and green nails

19. Glow in Dark Nail Designs Green and Black

black and green nails

20. Glow in Dark Green Black Nail Art

black and green nails

21. Snake Skin Black and Green Nails

black and green nails

22. Botanical Green Black and White Nails

black and green nails

Keep scrolling for more black and green nail art designs!

23. Slime Green Nails

black and green nails

24. Emerald Green and Black Nails

black and green nails

25. Black and Dark Green Nails

black and green nails

26. Green Nails Black Tips

black and green nails

27. Spotted Two Shade Black and Green Nail Art

black and green nails

28. Black and Green French Tips

black and green nails

29. Black and Bright Green Nails

black and green nails

30. Neon Party Nails Black and Green

Get bold with these black and lime green nails:

black and green nails

31. Dark Green and Nlack Nail Designs


32. Alien Green Black Nail Designs


33. Festive Dark Green and Black Nail Ideas


34. Green and Black Nails Short

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