20+ Pretty Ideas For Short Black French Tip Nails

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If you thought French tips can only look good on long nails, you couldn’t be more wrong! In this post, we will show you how to pull off some gorgeous looks for short black French tip nails in a variety of different styles.

French tips are a classic manicure that has been around for ages, and it is making its comeback with a range of different colors. Some of the most popular updates for this classic look include red French tip nails, orange French tip nails, sage green nails and now even black French tips!

If you want a simple and stylish manicure, opting for short black French tip nails is the easy choice – they will suit almost any nail shape, and you can easily create them at home with a bit of practice. This type of manicure is very easy to pair with any outfit, and if you need to elevate your nails for a special occasion or a party, you can simply add some gemstones or additional nail art to make them look more festive.

Short nails are also super easy to maintain and there is almost zero risk of breaking your nails, so your manicure will last much longer, with the proper care.

In this article, we have rounded up a collection of over twenty beautiful styles you can copy or use as inspiration for your next nail salon appointment. Below are also some of the most popular trending design options to choose from.

Let the search begin!

Trending Styles for Short Black French Tip Nails

Some of the nail design styles that we see over and over on social media are the following:

  • French tips created with black glitter nail polish
  • Geometric nail art like dots added to the nail design
  • White nail polish is used as a base color to create even more contrast for your nails
  • Adding nail art like starts to your nails
  • Glitter nail polish as a base color for party nails
  • Using small gemstones in your nail design
  • Mismatched look with fully painted and French tip nails
  • Minimalist French tips with an almost invisible line painted on top

Our Picks: 20+ Best Short Black French Tip Nails

Here is a small selection of some of the best styles we have found on Instagram – in case some of these caught your eyes, we have added the Instagram bio of the nail artist under each image, so you can check more of their work if you would like to.

If you need even more inspiration for your next manicure, you can check our recommended articles at the end of this post, and also follow us on Pinterest where we have hundreds of different trending nail design ideas!

1. Valentine Inspired Short French Tips


2. With Gold Nail Art


3. Red Hearts


4. Minimalist Short Black French Tips


5. Simple Short Black French Tip Nails

black french tip nails

6. Acrylic Short Black French Tip Nails

black french tip nails

7. Two Layer Short Black French Tips

black french tip nails

8. Short Black French Tip Nails with White Base

black french tip nails

9. Short Black French Tip Nails with Glitter

black french tip nails

10. Thin French Tips with Stars

black french tip nails

11. Short Black Glitter French Tips

black french tip nails

12. Short Black French Tips with Outlines

black french tip nails

13. Short Black French Tips with Glitter Base

black french tip nails

14. Crossed French Tips

black french tip nails

15. Black French Tip with Half Moon

black french tip nails

16. With Black Glitter


17. With Beige Base Color


18. Leopard Print


19. Super Thin Black Tips on Short Nails


20. Contrasting Short French Tips


21. Silver Outline


22. Geometric Design

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