Green with Envy: 40+ Stunning Emerald Green Nails

Make everyone green with envy when they see your emerald green nails! This pretty color named after a precious jewels is a timeless classic that’s trending all year round, and looks fantastic on any nail shape.

In this article, you will find over 40 different ideas for pretty manicure with emerald green nail polish, illustrating a range of different nail design styles, usage on different nail shapes and various techniques used. Below are also some of the common themes trending for 2023.

Whether you’re planning to do your own manicure, or you need some inspiration for your planned nail salon appointment, in this article you will find lots of options for both scenarios.

Dive into our curate selection of emerald green nails and pick your favorites.

Trending Emerald Green Nails for 2023

So what are the common nail design themes trending for emerald green nails? Here are just a few to keep an eye on:

  • Ombre Nails – ombre nails are huge in every season, and they look especially elegant when done in emerald green nail polish. It pairs perfectly with nude nails, but you can also go for black or pink.
  • French Tips – not keen on the full nail polish look? Opt to update your French tips instead, that hint of color really makes a difference.
  • Mismatched Nails – why choose one nail style when you can select a new one for each nail? This look is easy to pull off with a bit of planning and advice from an experienced nail artist.
  • Using Gemstones – the emerald color begs to be used with gemstones. Even on simple nude nails, the sparkling green jewels on your nails will certainly get plenty of attention.
  • Using Gold Color – adding a bit of contrast to emerald green nails is easy with gold flakes or glitter nail polish.
  • Geometric Shapes – for those who love everything minimalist, emerald green manicure comes with a range of simple options utilizing geometric shapes.

40+ Best Emerald Green Nail Designs

So here it is, our curated collection of the most beautiful emerald green nails designs we found on Instagram. If you love a look of a particular manicure, you can click the Instagram bio link under the image to see more work from the same nail artist.

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1. Emerald & Pearls

Make a statement with the prettiest pearl nail art.

emerald green nails
Nail design by @pazybohomazy

2. Chrome Green Nails

If you like a simple look, this chrome effect with emerald green color will certainly tick all your boxes.

emerald green nails
Nail design by katerina.zorba

3. White Flowers & Emerald Green French Tips

Let your coffin nails bloom with this pretty white and emerald green manicure.

emerald green nails
Instagram gemnailsgelx

4. Emerald Green Tips & Gold Stars

This night sky inspired manicure has plenty of personality with a splash of color.

emerald green nails
Nail design by nailsxgoldenhour

5. Mixed French Tips

Delicate and elegant manicure for almond shaped nails.


6. Emerald Green Gemstones

Gold and emerald green gemstones on classic neutral coffin nails do make a grand statement.

emerald green nail design
Nail design by xxnailsbyjas

7. Emerald Green & Forest Green

Mix some light shades of green and marble nail art with emerald green nails to add a bit of contrast to your manicure.

emerald green nails
Instagram nailsbykatiedutra

8. Christmas Sparkle

A simple update of your nails for the holiday season.

emerald green nail designs

9. Matte Green with Gems

Matte green nail polish brought to life with pretty pearls and golden nail art.


10. Almond Shaped Emerald Green Nails

Almond-shaped nails in gorgeous emerald green single-tone nail polish.

emerald green nails
Instagram natmaloneynailartist

11. Golden Flakes

Dust a bit of magic on your nails.


12. Constellation Nails in Green

Pretty sun and moon inspired nail art makes your nails look like a piece of art.


13. Green with Envy

Dark green shade of this nail polish would be the perfect choice for the holidays.


14. Emerald Green Gemstones

Sparkling white neutral coffin nails elevated to special occasion manicure with statement gemstones.

emerald green nail design
Nail design by nailsxanaaa

15. Emerald Green Marble Nails with French Tips

French tips in emerald green mixed with marble nail effect.

emerald green nails
Nail design by camscrylics

16. Nude and Green

Mix and match your manicure style as in this case, with French tips, glitter nail polish and full nail coverage.


17. Golden Details

Live on your wild side by including a bit of animal print.

emerald green nails
Nail design by

18. Minimalist Emerald Green French Tips

A minimalist approach to French tips which works best on almond shaped or shorter nails.

emerald green nails
Instagram glossy.studios

19. Sparkly Green Tips

A modern twist on classic French tips with glittering emerald green nail polish and pink base color.


20. A Touch of Gold

Sprinkle a dust of gold on your pretty green nails.


21. Emerald Green Marble Nails

Emerald green nails mixed with pretty marble and gold nails.

emerald green nails
Instagram a.vvitecka

22. Mixed Style Emerald Green & Forest Green

A mix of styles and colors that only an experienced nail artist will be able to pull off.

emerald green nails
Instagram @linas_nailbar

23. Coffin Nails with Emerald Green

Not sure which nail design you love the most? Use them all! Especially on coffin nails, where you have so much room to experiment.

emerald green nails
Instagram beautyby.ym

24. Glowing Green Tips

Marble effect French tips – look super stylish.


25. Coffin Nails with French Tips

Emerald green French tips, ombre nail and bridal inspired white nail design.

emerald green nails
Instagram nailz_by_zugeiry

26. Coffin Nails with Gemstones

Another take on using green gemstones on shorter coffin nails.

emerald green nails
Instagram _nailsbymarii__

27. Marble and Glitter

Marble effect on emerald green nails with an added contrast from the green glitter manicure.

emerald green nails
Nail design by gelx_bybecca

28. Beautiful Matte Green Shade

Simple and beautiful.

emerald green nails

29. Sparkles with Glowing Green

High gloss nail polish with some sparkles for a special occasion manicure.


30. Jewels on the Nails

Make your nails look like they belong to a museum.

emerald green nails
Instagram nails.by_ani

31. Short Emerald Green Nails

Got short nails? Keep it simple with single tone nail polish and elevate the design by using a statement design on one or two nails.

emerald green nails
Instagram jennasesthetics_

32. Golden Outline on Short Nails

A twist on classic French tips using misplaced highlights and gold outlines.

emerald green nails
Instagram nailsby.amelia

33. Crystals, Gradient and Glitter

All the things that make a pretty manicure combined in one.

emerald green nails
Instagram sannalehtinen_

34. Crystals, Gradient and Glitter

Super sharp mountain peak nails with pretty glitter nail polish.

emerald green nails
Instagram haha_nails_

35. White Coffin Nails with Emerald Green Crystals

Keep it simple and let the gemstones do all the talking.

emerald green nails
Instagram beautynails_maripina

36. Twinkle Emerald Nails

Capture the essence of the night sky on your nails.

emerald green nails
Instagram scratchmagazine

37. Marble Emerald Nail

Statement nail with emerald green marble effect.

emerald green nails
Instagram nails.rudakova

38. Botanical Art Emerald Nails

Pretty intricate botanical nail art really makes a statement when combined with emerald green color.

emerald green nails
Instagram w_szponach_mani

39. Minimalist Short Emerald Nails

Short nails? This minimalist manicure will look fantastic!

emerald green nails
Instagram bloomyriina

40. French Emerald Tips

Elongated French tips manicure with gemstones and a statement nail design.

emerald green nails
Instagram d.cs_nails

41. Emerald Flames

Get your green nails on fire with this pretty manicure.

emerald green nails
Instagram flagshipnailstudio

42. Emerald & Gold

A new take on a classic ombre manicure.

emerald green nails
Instagram silviatesinailstudio