27 Emerald Green Almond Nails Ideas You Will Fall in Love With

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Fall in love with these feminine emerald green almond nails!

Without any doubt, almond-shaped and oval nails are super trendy and sexy this year. This is the shape you need if you prefer to demonstrate elegant, sophisticated, and neat hands.

Deep emerald green, deep jade hues, stylish and elegant olive shades, and delicate mint tincture make fashionable emerald green nails so diverse. This allows you to choose an interesting and original design for your nails, which will be suitable for any occasion or season.

Modern emerald green nails give new inspiration to use this hue in nail design using your favorite nail art and manicure techniques.

Undoubtedly, French nails will be among the leading trends, the grown part of the nail can be polished in modern, soft pastel green shades.

Decorate your manicure with crystals and stones at the base and you will get a delightful and impressive evening design.

A fashionable emerald green manicure in any of its shades will look interesting and original. Geometric elements, wavy lines, and floral motifs easily complete your classic and smart emerald green nails.

Green twigs, leaves, and flowers look great on a nude or white and black base.

For ladies who are obsessed with luxury and elegant style, the best combination is emerald green nails with gold. The golden lines, or foil fragments, made on an emerald base, give incredible beauty and gives a unique expressiveness to the oval emerald nails.

Thus, women’s hands acquire additional refinement and can be compared with real jewelry, which has an irresistible and delightful look.

Trending Emerald Green Almond Nails Ideas

So what are the common nail design themes trending for emerald green nails? Here are just a few to keep an eye on:

  • Emerald Green French Tips on Almond Nails- not keen on the full nail polish look? Opt to update your French tips instead, that hint of color really makes a difference
  • Dark Green Emerald Almond Nails- a new classic nail design that can replace the elegant black nails
  • Marble Emerald Green Almond Nails- a natural-looking color that goes well with almost any outfit, and the popular nail design style that adds some contrast to your manicure and makes it look super stylish
  • Emerald Gold Nails- adding a bit of contrast to emerald green nails is easy with gold flakes or glitter nail polish
  • Emerald and Black- The Modern Gothic Nails- both colors can be used in the design of French manicure, ombre, and geometric patterns
  • Mat Emerald Green Nails- when you are looking for velvet and impressive nails for a special occasion

27 Best Emerald Green Almond Nails Ideas

So here it is, our curated collection of the most beautiful emerald green nails ideas we found on Instagram.

For even more inspiration on this pretty green trend, check our dedicated Pinterest board here and follow us on Pinterest so you don’t miss anything nails related.

1. Emerald Green Long Almond Nails

Emerald Green Nails Ideas

2. Matte Emerald Green Almond Nails

emerald green almond nails

3. Emerald Green French Tips on Almond Nails

emerald green almond nails

4. Sparkling Emerald Green Almond Nails

emerald green almond nails

5. Mismatched Design with White & Gold

emerald green almond nails

6. Single Tone with a Gemstone

emerald green almond nails

7. Half Moon Emerald Almond Nails

emerald green almond nails
Instagram: dols_nails

8. Sharp Emerald Almond Nails

emerald green almond nails

9. Dark Green Emerald Almond Nails

emerald green almond nails

10. Emerald Green Nails Idea for Almond Nails

Emerald Green Nails Ideas

11. Marble Emerald Green Almond Nails

Emerald Green Nails Ideas

12. Marble Short Emerald Green Nails

Emerald Green Nails Ideas

13. Emerald Green Almond Nails with Glitter

Emerald Green Nails Ideas

14. Emerald & Pearls on Long Almond Nails

Make a statement with the prettiest pearl nail art.

emerald green nails
Nail design by @pazybohomazy

15. Chrome Emerald Green Almond Nails

If you like a simple look, this chrome effect with emerald green color will certainly tick all your boxes.

emerald green nails
Nail design by katerina.zorba

16. Almond Nails with Gold Stars

This night sky inspired manicure has plenty of personality with a splash of color.

emerald green nails
Nail design by nailsxgoldenhour

17. Emerald Green & Forest Green

Mix some light shades of green and marble nail art with emerald green nails to add a bit of contrast to your manicure.

emerald green nails
Instagram nailsbykatiedutra

18. Golden Flakes on Long Almond Nails

Dust a bit of magic on your nails.


19. Golden Details with Animal Print

Live on your wild side by including a bit of animal print.

emerald green nails
Nail design by graceful.beauty.gk

20. Minimalist Emerald Green French Tips

A minimalist approach to French tips which works best on almond shaped or shorter nails.

emerald green nails
Instagram glossy.studios

21. Sparkly Green Tips on Long Almond Nails

A modern twist on classic French tips with glittering emerald green nail polish and pink base color.


22. A Touch of Gold

Sprinkle a dust of gold on your pretty green nails.


23. Mixed Style Emerald Green & Forest Green

A mix of styles and colors that only an experienced nail artist will be able to pull off.

emerald green nails
Instagram @linas_nailbar

24. Crystals, Gradient and Glitter

All the things that make a pretty manicure combined in one.

emerald green nails
Instagram sannalehtinen_

25. Marble Emerald Almond Nails

Statement nail with emerald green marble effect.

emerald green nails
Instagram nails.rudakova

26. Botanical Art Emerald Almond Nails

Pretty intricate botanical nail art really makes a statement when combined with emerald green color.

emerald green nails
Instagram w_szponach_mani

27. French Emerald Tips on Almond Nails

Elongated French tips manicure with gemstones and a statement nail design.

emerald green nails
Instagram d.cs_nails
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