40 Cutest Design Ideas For Green Spring Nails

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Welcome the change of the season with a super cute manicure! In this article, we have curated a collection of 40 cutest ideas for green spring nails, in a variety of designs and for different nail lengths.

Whether you’re looking for something very simple you can create at home, an inspiration for trending shades of spring green, or want something truly unique you can recreate in the nail salon, we have included lots of ideas for all these options in our roundup below.

Spring is the perfect excuse to give your nails a little refresh, and with an article full of cute manicure ideas you will find the right look for your nails in a matter of minutes! In addition to our curated collection of manicure ideas with green spring colors, we have also shortlisted the hottest current trends for this manicure style, followed by a simple video tutorial for those who like to do their own manicure at home.


2023 Trends for Green Spring Nails

So what are the most popular styles of green spring nails for 2023? As evidenced by social media, these are the most loved manicure styles featuring this popular spring color:

  • French tips – a classic that never gets old, for spring your French tips can get a subtle update by using a bright or pastel shade of green, to make the color really pop! Stay away from too dark tones of green like emerald green as these are more suitable for fall and winter months.
  • Gradient nails – why pick just one shade when you can have five? Gradient nails feature five different shades of green nail polish on each nail, and this is one of the easiest manicures anyone can do at home, even with no experience.
  • Ombre nails – with ombre nails you are creating a natural transition from green to beige or light white, which will make your nails look optically longer. It’s perfect for medium-length or long nails, as with short nails you will struggle to get enough space to create the transition.
  • Spring flowers – this is one of the most repeated nail looks for the spring season. Flowers in all shapes and sizes are making appearances on the manicure, symbolizing the awakening of Mother Nature and representing one of the cutest nail design elements of the season.
  • Swirls and stripes – lots of ladies love to opt for a more abstract manicure with simple stripes, swirls or even ocean wave style of nail art, using not just green but also complimenting colors and outlines with white, dark green and gold glitter nail polish.

Video Tutorial: Green Spring Nails

If you would like to try doing one of these pretty green nail designs at home, in this video tutorial you will find the step by step instructions on how to create pretty spring flowers on your nails.

YouTube video
video credits: Gabby Angelique

40 Ideas for Green Spring Nails

Below is our curated selection of the best nail designs for green spring nails, but if you need even more ideas, there are lots of other options and more green nail designs available in our Pinterest account, so don’t forget to check it out!

1. Green Spring Nails with Flowers

green spring nails

2. Sage Green Spring Nails with Flowers

green spring nails

3. Short Green Spring Nails with Flowers

green spring nails

4. Neon Green Ombre Nails

green spring nails

5. Green French Tip Nails with Flowers

green spring nails

6. Green Speckled Coffin Nails

green spring nails

7. Dark Green Wave Nails

green spring nails

8. Emerald Green Glitter and Gems Nails

green spring nails

9. Green and Gold Glitter Spring Nails

green spring nails

10. Botanical Art Spring Nails

green spring nails

11. Jungle Theme Green Spring Nails

green spring nails

12. Nature Inspired Green Spring Nails

green spring nails

13. Green Gradient Spring Nails

green spring nails

14. Green Arrow Nails

green spring nails

15. Green Coffin Marble Nails

green spring nails

16. Spring Green French Tip Nails

green spring nails

17. Spring Green Marble Nails with Gems

green spring nails

18. Mixed Spring Green Nail Design

green spring nails

19. Spring Green Butterfly Nail Design

green spring nails

20. Spring Green and Lavender Flower Nails

green spring nails

21. Short Spring Green Flower Nails

green spring nails

22. Almond Spring Green Flower and Marble Nails

green spring nails

23. Super Long Spring Coffin Nails

green spring nails

24. Spring Green and White Coffin Nails

green spring nails

25. Vibrant Spring Nail Design

green spring nails

26. Muted Green Nail Design

green spring nails

27. Flowers and Frogs

green spring nails

28. Flower Field on Nails

green spring nails

29. Gold Glitter Outlines on Sage Green Nails

green spring nails

30. Antique Inspired Spring Green Nails

green spring nails

31. Flowers with Gemstones

green spring nails

32. Short Nails with Floral Art

green spring nails

33. Statement Nails with Floral Nail Art

green spring nails

34. Elegant Botanical Inspired Nails

green spring nails

35. Cute Green Short Flower Nails

green spring nails

36. Green French Tips with Spring Flowers

green spring nails

37. Spring Green Swirl Nails

green spring nails

38. Bright Spring Green and Yellow Coffin Nails

green spring nails

39. French Tip and Flower Coffin Nails

green spring nails

40. Elegant Almond Spring Green Nails

green spring nails
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