30 Stunning Ocean Wave Inspired Blue Swirl Nails

Oh, we love the blue color, especially on summer nails! If you also belong to this club, then these beautiful blue swirl nails are just what you need to update your manicure for the next season.

Often inspired by the shape and movement of ocean waves, blue swirl nails come in a wide variety of color options, from royal blue, dark blue, baby blue to lavender blue shades, often combined with white nail polish, beige base color or glitter for the extra sparkle.

Pick the perfect shade from a blue nail polish guide, and let’s get creative!

In this article, we put together a collection of 30 beautiful looks, featuring nail designs for long nails, short nails, coffin nails, almond nails and everything in between. Check them out and select your favorites for your next nail salon trip!

Most Popular Styles of Blue Swirl Nails

  • Light blue swirl nails – a light baby blue color is a popular choice for this manicure as it makes your nails look softer and more elegant. Light blue is also nice to pair with white or glitter nail polish to create an even more sophisticated look.
  • Blue and white swirl nails – blue and white are the classic color combo that will transform your nails into a vision of an ocean wave. They naturally blend really well and create just enough contrast to make your nails stand out.
  • Abstract blue swirl nails – if you want to try swirl nails at home, the easiest look to go for is a fake marble look where the swirl is naturally created on an existing colored nail polish base, instead of handcrafting the shape and then adding outlines in a different color. Check the tutorial below on how to achieve the look.
  • Royal blue swirl nails – royal blue is a beautiful color to add to any summer manicure as it provides a nice contrast with your tanned skin, and with a swirl shape, it makes your nails come to life.
  • Blue swirls with glitter – for a special occasion or party, simply add a bit of glitter nail polish to your nails to transform them from an everyday way to party-ready in an instant.
  • Blue swirl French tipsFrench tips are a little harder to execute with this nail design, as you’re restricted to a very small space, but they look super cool and give you a very unique manicure that’s hard to replicate.

Video Tutorial: Abstract Blue Swirl Nails

If you would like to try creating this manicure at home, check out this simple tutorial which will help you achieve a more abstract look for your blue swirls.

video credits: OPI professionals

30 Gorgeous Ideas for Blue Swirl Nails

No matter what nail shape or size you might have, our collection of 30 fabulous designs has lots of beautiful ideas that will work on any nail shape.

Browse them below and save your favorites to your Pinterest account!

1. Blue and White Swirl Nails

blue swirl nails

2. Dark Blue Swirl Nails

blue swirl nails

3. Blue Swirls on Coffin Nails

blue swirl nails

4. Blue Swirls and Flowers

blue swirl nails

5. Blue Swirls on Long Coffin Nails

blue swirl nails

6. Blue Swirl Acrylic Nails

blue swirl nails

7. Blue Swirl and Silver Nails

blue swirl nails

8. Blue Swirl and Green Nails

blue swirl nails

9. Blue and White Swirl Coffin Nails

blue swirl nails

10. Short Light Blue Swirl Nails

blue swirl nails

11. Ocean Blue Swirl Nails

blue swirl nails

12. Baby Blue Swirl and Glitter Nails

blue swirl nails

13. Three Tone Blue Swirl Nails

blue swirl nails

14. Deep Blue and Beige Swirl Nails

blue swirl nails

15. Blue and White Nail Art

blue swirl nails

16. Beige Nails with Blue Swirls

blue swirl nails

17. Elegant Beige Nails with Blue and Gold Swirls

blue swirl nails

18. French Tips with Dark Blue Swirls

blue swirl nails

19. Dark Blue Glitter Swirls

blue swirl nails

20. Baby Blue, White and Glitter Swirls

blue swirl nails

21. Blue Swirl French Tips

blue swirl nails

22. Blue Swirl Almond Nails with Pink Base

blue swirl nails

23. Natural White and Blue Swirl Nails

blue swirl nails

24. Blue Swirl Nails in Three Shades

blue swirl nails

25. Ocean Wave Nails

blue swirl nails

26. Ocean Wave Almond Nails

blue swirl nails

27. Bold Blue Swirl Nails

blue swirl nails

28. Greece Inspired Manicure

blue swirl nails

29. Ocean Wave French Tips

blue swirl nails

30. Glitter Ocean Wave Nails

blue swirl nails