30+ Gorgeous Winter Wonderland Nails

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Transform yourself into the Ice Queen with the pretties winter wonderland nails from this collection!

Our team has curated a collection of over 30 gorgeous winter wonderland nails to help you transform your manicure for the season.

Whether you’re looking for something in the shade of blue, icy glittery silver nails, or a classic white manicure with pretty nail art, you will find plenty of options in our roundup.

Winter Wonderland Nails: Most Popular Color Options

So what colors are hot this year? If you would like to achieve the winter wonderland look, these are the color combinations you should stick to:

  • Muted Mauve
  • Moody Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Silvery Chrome
  • Milky Blue Gray
  • Festive Olive Green
  • Glimmering Gold
  • Pearl White
  • Silvery Shimmer
  • All Shades of Blue

30+ Prettiest Winter Wonderland Nails Designs

Here are the prettiest winter wonderland nails we found online – for even more ideas and inspiration, visit our dedicated Pinterest board where you will find hundreds of pretty winter nail ideas.

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1. Glitter Silver Reindeer and Snowflake Nails

Winter needs a little sparkle! Add some festive touch to your nails with silver glitter nail polish and don’t forget about cute seasonal nail art too.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @ewuleeek

2. Snowflakes Nails

Snowflakes are one of the most popular winter nail design motives and they work really well for the winter wonderland theme too.

Winter Wonderland Nails

3. Silver Wonderland Nails

Add some depth to your nail design by using snowflakes motive in two different shades for added layers.

Winter Wonderland Nails

4. Ice Cuff and Blue Nails

Ice and snowflakes, the ultimate symbols of winter are perfectly captured in this icy manicure.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Pinterest @hunny428

5. Icy Blue Nails

You almost feel cold looking at these pretty nails.

Winter Wonderland Nails

6. Ice Cuf Silver Blue Naild

Glittering reflection from the ice dripping down perfectly captured in this manicure.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: IG/ Newsie Nail Novice

7. Frozen Blue Nails

Make your nails looks like frozen lakes reflecting the daylight.

Winter Wonderland Nails

8. Deep Blue Winter Sky Nails

Capture the essence of the dark winter skies with the added shine that comes from the stars.

Winter Wonderland Nails

9. Matt Blue with Sparkling White

The perfect manicure fit for a Snow Queen with royal blue and pearly white.

Winter Wonderland Nails

10. Ice Queen Nails

This manicure looks like it’s been cut out straight from a fairy tale!

Winter Wonderland Nails

11. Navy Blue with Glitter

Need to keep it simple? Stick to navy blue and silver glitter nail polish.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Pinterest @kelseyjensen568

12. Snowy Nails

Baby blue nails that capture the essence of the falling snow and frozen landscape.

Winter Wonderland Nails

13. Silver Shine with Gems

Need some bling? Glitter and high shine finish nail polish will do the job.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Marias Naglair

14. Metallic Silver

Metalic foil nails combined with silver glitter and grey nail polish are the perfect manicure for a special event.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Zoe Kanlis

15. Sweater Knit Accent

Sweater nails are super popular each winter and they fit right into the winter wonderland theme.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Amanda Sudol

16. Snowy White Nails

Keep it angelic and simple.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: @Nailbyvan

17. Silver Glitter Nails

Another take on silver and grey nails – how pretty are they?

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Nailsbybano

18. White with Gems

Plenty of sparkle and shine on these coffin nails.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: @margaritasnailz

19. Winter Wonderland Nails in White

Blending in with the snow!

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @jenniferxlauren

20. Grey Glitter

Keep it simple and classy with glittery silver nails on grey background.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram@tiffanyabbigailebeauty

21. Nude with Golden Parts

Stylish gold dusted nails fit for a Snow Queen.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @feliciadeebeauty

22. Shades of Grey with Glitter

Grey nails can look as pretty and festive as these ones!

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @eekabeauty

23. White and Silver Nails

Pretty elegant white manicure with the addition of a silver foil.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @bagabieva_nails

24. Nude with Glitter

Simple almond nails elevated by a delicate silver stripe. That’s all you need for a pretty and elegant winter inspired manicure.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @nailchark

25. White and Copper Nails

Add a bit of shine and warmth to your winter wonderland manicure with pretty copper highglihts that will reflect the light beautifully.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @nailsmade

26. Grey Snowflakes with Gems

Winter landcaspe captured on your nails.

Winter Wonderland Nails

27. Snowflake Gold Christmas Nails

The prettiest winter colors – white, baby pink and gold create the most wonderful winter wonderland manicure.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: FabSouthernDiva

28. Nude Nails With Clear Blue Tips

Get inspired by these ice kissed French tips with beautiful delicate white snowflakes.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Pinterest @fashionpics2022

29. Navy Winter Wonderland Nails

Get a custom nail art for each nails just like in this pretty navy manicure.

Winter Wonderland Nails

30. Snowflake Silver and Blue Holiday Nails

White snowflakes look especially sparkly and crips on this royal blue nail polish.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @tamaminails

31. Blue and Glitter Swirl Holiday Nails

Pretty and minimalist nails for those who like to keep it classy for the holidays.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @amberjhnails

32. Snowflake Silver Christmas Nails

Statement nail with a snowflake decorated with tiny rhinestones, complimented by silver glitter nail polish.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @nails_by_evelyn9

33. Black and Glitter Chevron Tips

A pretty and a very unique take on a winter wonderland manicure that doesn’t have to be just all about white or blue.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @monika__nails

34. Pink with Glitter Snowflakes

Color the town pink!

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @annagasienica_

35. Glitter French & Ombre Glitter Cuff Nails

A very feminine take on a winder wonderland nail design.

Winter Wonderland Nails
source: Instagram @monika__nails
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