33 Best Ideas for Coffin Emerald Green Nails that Turn Heads

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Are you looking to update your coffin nails? Do you need some ideas for your next nail salon appointment? In that case, you came to the right place!

Our team has compiled a curated selection of 33 pretty ideas for coffin emerald green nails that cover a range of styles and nail decor techniques. Whether you like something simple with a bit of personality, or want to go all in on emerald green gemstones, there are plenty of examples for each option.

The coffin nail shape is the perfect white canvas to transform into a piece of art, using the right shade of green and decorating the nails with gemstones. Emerald green is one of the most popular colors for nail gemstones as it really stands out, especially on beige or neutral-colored nails.

Without further delay, we have included the roundup of the 33 best styles below and shared some trending nail design trends for 2023. Get inspired and choose your new favorite manicure today!

Coffin Emerald Green Nails Trends for 2023

  • Emerald colored gemstones – gemstones are everywhere and for a good reason, they’re simply fabulous! Whether you’re adding just a small bling on a single nail, or going all in with the whole treasure trove, you can’t go wrong with featuring this stunning color in your gemstone selection.
  • Emerald glitter nail polish – whether special occasion calls for it or not, glitter nail polish rules the world when it comes to pretty manicure. Best paired with other nail design styles and simple straightforward nail art.
  • French tips variations – even on coffin nails you can go will and experiment with a few variations of French tips. The article pictures below will show you plenty of ideas on how its done.
  • Emerald marble – emerald green marble effect looks especially beautiful on coffin nails with so much space to play with!
  • Mixed nail design – a repeating theme you will see in the nail design round up below is the love of mismatched manicures, in all styles and shapes.
  • Floral emerald nails – florals are making an appearance on coffin nails in color of emerald green or white.

Prettiest Coffin Emerald Green Nails for Your Inspiration

Are you heading to the nail salon soon? Is your friend coming over to do your manicure? In that case, this curated collection of the prettiest coffin emerald green nails will come in handy!

Save your favorites to your Pinterest account and don’t forget to check out our dedicated Pinterest board for emerald green nails while you’re there. Follow our Pinterest profile to see and keep up with the latest nail design trends and styles.

1. French Tips & Glitter

Simple single tone coffin nails with French tips and shiny glitter nail polish.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails

2. Emerald Gemstones with White Ombre

Gemstones look the best on a neutral base nail polish, such as in this case with sparkling white option.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nailz.byluz

3. White & Emerald Coffin Nails

Super contrast manicure with emerald green glitter nail sand simple white nails with floral element.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nailedbyeliz

4. Emerald Marble French Tips

Want to maximize your French tips? This is a way to go! This pretty manicure combines French tips with marble nail art and a touch of gold.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram slayeddbykayllc

5. Religious Theme Emerald Coffin Nails

Extra long coffin nails decorated in a religious theme.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram mnailtherapy_bym

6. Christmas Emerald Coffin Nails

Festive nails take a turn for green.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nikisnailzz

7. Summer Emerald Coffin Nails

Pretty summer manicure with emerald green and yellow.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nails.by.ash_

8. Full Color & Gemstone Coffin Nails

Combine two styles to achieve a high contrast look with plenty of sparkle.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram lovelysets_x_liz

9. Shades of Green

The fifty shades of green edition on shorter coffin nails.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram linos_nailsorlando

10. Beige Coffin Nails with Emerald Gemstones

Very sophisticated version of the green gemstone nails on nude nail polish which makes the green pop even more.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nailsatjens

11. Mismatched Coffin Nails

Another mismatched look this time with high gloss confetti nail polish, ombre nail, French tip and gemstones.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nailzbyariely

12. White French Tips with Emerald Gemstones

Pretty contrasting manicure with emerald green and white.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nailsbyjjazz

13. Floral Theme Emerald Nails

Florals in green is the match made in heaven for this manicure.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram clawzify

14. Natural Ombre with Gemstones

Pretty natural ombre nails matched perfectly with emerald gemstones on a beige coffin nail.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram arellyys_nailss

15. Mismatched French Tips

Two styles of French tips blended beautifully with a gemstone decorated nail.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram beautyby.ym

16. White and Green Coffin Nail Manicure

If you want the gemstones to take the center stage, this is one of the prettiest options to consider.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nailssbyjessii

17. Black and Green Coffin Nails

Simple and easy manicure you can easily do yourself – back and green nails elevated with a touch of gold foil.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram ebony_nailsexclusive

18. Gold & Emerald Green Coffin Nails

Jewelry store window captured on your nails.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram arelyrojase

19. Emerald Green with Gold Nail Art

Get creative and add some artistic elements on your emerald nails.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram antajahdidthem

20. Decorated French Nail Tips

Big and bold French tips with gemstones and shiny emerald nail polish.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram _t.nailedit

21. Glitter Emerald French Tips

Stylish emerald coffin nails with a floral detail.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nailsss_by_anaa

22. Super Long Coffin Nails with Emerald Green

Want to go full length? This look will make your coffin nails look even longer.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram lcgnails0124

23. With Gold Nail Art

Custom gold nail art on simple emerald nails.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram _nails.bykay

24. White & Emerald Green French Tips

Adding a little structural element on these nails will make them pop even more.

emerald green nails
Instagram gemnailsgelx

25. Gemstone Treasure Nails

All the treasures of the world captured in one manicure.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram xxnailsbyjas

26. Gemstone Nails with Sparkly Base

Keep it simple and classy with matching gemstone nails.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram nailsxanaaa

27. French Tips & Marble Nails

Marble meets French tips on shorter coffin nails.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram camscrylics

28. French Tips & Bridal Inspired Nails

Bridal coffin nails meet emerald green.

emerald green nails
Instagram nailz_by_zugeiry

29. Natural Short Coffin Nails

One of the prettiest looks for short coffin nails with green gemstones.

emerald green nails
Instagram _nailsbymarii__

30. Glitter & Marble Nails

Big and bold with marble naisl and full glitter nail polish.

Coffin Emerald Green Nails
Instagram gelx_bybecca

31. Work of Art Marble Nails

Frame your nails as the work of art they are.

emerald green nails
Instagram nails.by_ani

32. Delicate White Emerald Coffin Nails

Bridal inspired delicate feminine manicure for shorter coffin nails.

emerald green nails
Instagram beautynails_maripina

33. Pretty in White

Light pink is an interesting combination for these pretty emerald gemstones. What do you think about this one?

coffin emerald green nails
Instagram _em_nailz_
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